Face masks – enhancing the moisturizing effect!

Face masks – enhancing the moisturizing effect!

What if you leave the mask on your face longer

Many of my clients ask why it is impossible to keep the mask on the face for longer than the prescribed time?

Because our skin cannot absorb the moisturizing or active ingredients of the mask indefinitely. Imagine spilling water on a table and using a dry sponge to absorb moisture. But the sponge will not absorb water indefinitely.

Likewise, our skin cannot endlessly absorb the moisturizing and active ingredients of the mask. It is believed that 20 minutes is quite enough for the skin to receive all the beneficial effect of the mask, and after that the mask lies with an unnecessary burden and therefore it is recommended to wash it off.

Moisturizing compress to enhance the mask effect

I recommend, especially in summer, applying a wet compress on top of the mask. For example, a cloth mask soaked in moisturizing ingredients or an economy option (buy a cloth mask once, wash it, dry it and you will have a clean, unsoaked cloth mask) soak it in a tonic and put it over the base mask for 10-15 minutes.

This really enhances the moisturizing effect because the damp cloth keeps your mask from drying out. Therefore, if it is a moisturizing mask, you can do so to enhance the effect.

Should you moisturize your clay mask?

They also ask how to use clay masks correctly. Is it safe to buy dry cosmetic clay, prepare the mask yourself and apply to the skin. Can the clay be allowed to dry on the skin, or is it necessary to periodically spray and moisturize so that the clay does not adsorb moisture from the skin when it dries?

It is just a clay mask that you do not need to sprinkle with water or somehow moisten it. Because such a mask cleans the pores precisely due to the fact that it dries up and adsorbs the contents of the pores.

But you’re right! A clay mask can draw some moisture out of your skin as well, so I would not recommend using dry masks, which are powder for dilution with water. At least for the face.

It is better to take a ready-made mask, because a ready-made clay mask contains moisturizing ingredients that will prevent the skin from drying out.

I hope I have given brief but basic care guidelines. Call us for free online consultation.

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your cosmetologist, Tatiana

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