Aloe Vera Gel Oblipicha


Aloe Vera Gel Oblipicha

DS-067 ,


Lightweight face and body gel rich with natural plant extract of Aloe Vera and oblipicha and with minerals of the Dead Sea. The gel has moisturizing and soothing effect. Aloe Vera extract relieves irritation and redness of skin. Oblipicha extract that is contained in the gel stimulates regenerative processes of skin, helps regenerate it and intensively nourishes it.

The gel can be applied on all types of skin, especially on irritated and delicate skin. Is the essential mean against insects bites, sun and thermal burns.

Application instructions

Apply thin layer of gel on face and body skin. It is recommended to apply it daily as a moistening agent. The gel can also be applied as after tan product for skin rehydration.