Active Collagen Set


Active Collagen Set

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The Active Collagen Set is the latest innovation in the anti-aging field, based on a patented technology for obtaining hypoallergenic collagen + plant origin + as closely as possible to human collagen. The active collagen set is 200 times more effective than traditional collagen.

Collagen balls penetrate into the skin, and inside the skin the body processes them into high-quality collagen in order to restore and improve the condition of the skin, give it a youthful appearance.

It activates the regeneration process of the skin and helps to increase the production of collagen. The treatment helps to increase the moisture level in the skin.

Set is enriched with copper peptide for skin regeneration and hyaluronic acid. Reduces signs of natural aging and rapid aging of the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles, prevents trans epidermal moisture loss, eliminates puffiness, accelerates cellular regeneration, tones the skin, restores natural elasticity and facial contours, makes the skin smooth and brightens age spots. Suitable for all skin types.

Application instructions

  • Open the sealed collagen ball with an upward movement.
  • Fill the vial with an active collagen booster up to the upper mark (about halfway).
  • Shake the bottle for 20 seconds until the collagen ball dissolves.
  • Apply to face and neck and massage gently in circular motions.