Cleopatra Vital Set


Cleopatra Vital Set

HI-057 ,


Unique medical chemical peel that visibly improves skin’s texture and appearance in three steps, including prepping the skin before and nurturing it afterwards. Recommended for oily and acne prone skin, and for dull and aging skin that is losing its youthful vitality and elasticity.

  • Cleopatra Pre Peel (100ml) – Preps skin for the chemical peel in order to improve the treatment’s effectiveness. Sanitizes and softens the skin, decreases its pH and eliminates excess sebum.
  • Cleopatra Vital peel (100ml) – Topical chemical peel that visibly reduces fine lines, smooth skin texture, minimizes pores and evens skin tone. It doesn’t require healing time (skin may be slightly red at most).
  • Cleopatra Post Peel (100ml) – Neutralizes the pH level to end the chemical reaction and instantly calms and nurtures the skin to ease and expedite the healing process.

Application instructions

A course of 7 procedures with a frequency of once in 2 weeks is recommended.