Nourishing Night Cream Mineral Active


Nourishing Night Cream Mineral Active

ST-030 ,


A rich nourishing night cream with a creamy texture for mature skin. Contains natural Dead Sea Minerals for a flexible skin, powerful active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to visually add volume, Vitamin A for stimulation and renewal of skin cells, Soy protein to tone the skin and Vitamin C to provide protection against oxidation damage. Application to facial skin each night leaves skin moisturized and nourished.

For all skin types. Hyaluronic Acid Natural Ingredients. Paraben Free. Suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Enriched with natural Minerals and Vitamins from the Dead Sea
  • Natural ingredients, Paraben Free
  • Especially suitable to mature skin and enriches the skin with moisture and nutrients
  • Actively renews skin cells
  • Protect the skin from environmental damage

Application instructions

Apply according to instructions.